Services We Provide

Pastoral Care Associates (PCA) is an Arizona Non-Profit Corporation, delivering quality pastoral care to various contracting hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing facilities.

The Pastors/Chaplains have been trained and are highly qualified for this specialized area of ministry.  Health care has moved to a more holistic approach, involving all levels of care, i.e. physical, social, emotional/psychological and spiritual. Research indicates that patients receiving good pastoral care get well sooner with less complications or complaints.

  • Our PCA staff can be available 24 hours a day. (The contracting organization will have a specially trained chaplain who they can call during times of crisis.)
  • PCA staff supports the goals and objectives of the Joint Commission.
  • PCA is trained to be a part of the hospital/facility Ethics team.
  • PCA respects and works with many different religions and cultures to help coordinate appropriate pastoral care ministry to the patient and their family.
  • Our Chaplains have been trained to be part of the facility’s CODE ARREST team, and can also help by working with the patient’s family during a crisis.
  • PCA Chaplains are available to debrief situations with the facility’s staff.  Many times a PCA Chaplain will provide grief support when a family experiences loss of a loved one.
  • PCA chaplains make regular rounds to assess the spiritual needs of the patients, enhancing patient advocacy.

Pastoral Care Associates is an entirely different way of assessing and serving the spiritual needs of patients, their families, and the staff at a care facility- whether it be a hospital, rehabilitation institution, or nursing home.

Pastoral Care Associates offers Bereavement Services.

The Pastoral Care Associates staff will coordinate and work with nursing and social services to provide bereavement services to family who have lost a loved one.

  • PCA will assist families from the initial phone call to burial and provide aftercare services.
  • PCA will assist in providing funeral home information and conduct services if needed.
  • Grief support groups are available with pre-registration at no charge for the groups. It can be uplifting to talk with others who are going through similar experiences.

For more information regarding our services, Please contact our office.

Hospital and Nursing Home Consultations

PCA can assess your Chaplaincy needs. Make recommendations and provide spiritual care for any hospital or nursing home. Fees for this service are negotiable.


PASTORAL CARE ASSOCIATES is affordable, quality pastoral care. Let us join in partnership with you to provide quality patient care for today, tomorrow and the future.


  • The chaplain will be assigned to the facility an agreed upon number of hours each week, as needed, according to the census of the hospital.
  • If requested, the chaplain may conduct worship services if so desired.


  • On-Call Services – $30 Per Day – PASTORAL CARE ASSOCIATES is interested in keeping your costs to a minimum.
  • A chaplain shall be assigned and available for on-call services, seven (7) days a week, three hundred sixty-five (365) days a year, (also using back-up chaplains in cases of emergency when the regular chaplain is unavailable.) The Chaplain will respond to all emergency calls when not on the premises. Please call or CONTACT US us for current pricing.
  • Term of Agreement – We would like to enter into a multi-year agreement with you. CONTACT US to work out details.