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Christology of the Family by Reverend Michael Lessard

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Christology of the family is about learning to care for one another as Christ cares for us. The heart of the gospel is centered on the caring love of God, the Sacraments, and the Church itself, would not exist without  God’s redemptive care for each of us. The calling of a disciple is to care, and it comes straight from the heart of  God through the work of the Holy Spirit, who gifts us in ways to care for the lost, the suffering, and the brokenhearted.

The family has been affected by our culture of entertainment and immediacy. The result has been that it has lost sight of its primary purpose to care for one another as the Good Shepherd cares for his sheep. The Christian family needs to reclaim the heart of the gospel and create new disciples not just Church members. The pastoral care community has to be trained in listening and in reflecting theologically from practical experience. All disciples are to be caregivers, whether at home with family, at work, or in the Church. The job of the church and the family is to train, support, and guide them.  Over 140 Pages of Pastoral Care


The Lost Dutchman by Reverend Michael Lessard

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The journey to the treasure in our heart is not a flight of fantasy of magic. It is a trip through the territory of our choices and history. It is built stone by stone, on sand, or on rock. Dr. Michael Turner is discovering what this journey means in his own life and finds himself struggling with a decision: to care or not to care. This choice follows him into eternity. We leave a larger footprint in the world than we realize. It’s every person’s quest to experience God’s Love in their heart. Michael’s family is learning the truth about him. Discovering his secrets revealed a person they didn’t know. Michael’s ex-wife, son, and daughter embark on a journey themselves – toward forgiveness. It is a difficult road for them filled with speed bumps and obstacles.

Join Michael and his family on their respective quests for truth, reflection, forgiveness and love. The treasure they find in the end is priceless.



Author’s Reflection

The Lost Dutchman is a parable and a story that contains the systematic theology of Pastoral Care. It explores the eternal importance of caring for oneself and caring for others. It is a story that moves us to identify eternal and spiritual themes of forgiveness, love, caring and redemption in Christ.

The book is intended to make readers think about the nature of God’s treasure in their heart and the treasure in others. Sometimes, we have to dig deep to find it. ” We receive the heart of Jesus, The Pearl of Great Price, in our baptism. ( Matt. 13:45-47 ).

The story connects life and theology together, something that needs to be recultivated these days. It will cause readers to hope in God’s Plan for their own life, believe in a message of faith, and trust in God’s Goodness.

We’ll enter into a new world of God’s Care, which holds a hope of glory. I hope that you will enter this world with me and find the treasure inside you. It will require a map to follow. The Lost Dutchman will help you find that treasure.

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