PCA School of Pastoral Ministry

PASTORAL CARE ASSOCIATES offers courses for those seeking experience in Active Listening, Discipleship, and Chaplaincy. Offering practical experience-based education for a wide variety of spiritually-focused industries and ministries, the school is ready to train at our site or at yours.

Listening Lab 1

PCA offers training with material developed by Dr. John Savage through LEAD Plus. Our 40 hour LAB 1 teaches 11 different active listening skills. The focus is on experiential learning with lecture, observation, cognitive maps and hands-on practice. Training times and locations are negotiated with the student in mind.

  • Cost for the training is $275.00 per person and $50 for the workbook.
  • Cost for a group no less than 12 is $2500.00.

*LAB 1 is a prerequisite for further training in the PCA School of Ministry and Chaplaincy.


Next Listening Lab: TBD

Lab 1 – hosting information

A host congregation can sponsor a one week, forty hour Active Listening Lab 1. Group size is at least 12 participants.

  • Lab I trains a minister in the work of pastoral care, visiting lapsed members to bring them back into the life of the congregation. Cost is $2500.00 for the week.
  • Workbooks are purchased through LEAD PLUS. Host congregation would furnish lodging, accommodations, meals and flight for the instructor.

Note: Lab I is the prerequisite class for the internship program at Abrazo Central Hospital (Phoenix Baptist Hospital).

PCA School of Pastoral Ministry

Students who want to develop their skills in ministry can, upon completion of Lab I, apply to enter the PCA School of Pastoral Ministry. Upon acceptance, the student will attend a weekly group that refines the skills they learned in Lab I. Our program is more didactic than Clinical Pastoral Education. We use verbatims as a tool to be more effective listeners. Our Students are encouraged to bring their faith in Christ to the person in pain. Our training will deepen the student’s love of God and help them minister to those in need of His love, healing, and forgiveness.

  • Students of the PCA School of Pastoral Ministry are encouraged to have input into their own training. Our curriculum is adaptable to the ministry that each student is doing already. Classes are once a week, for two hours. Students who are working in hospitals will go through volunteer training and get a TB skin test in order to obtain a badge. Records of their hours are kept in the volunteer office. Some students will be working in other areas, for example, prison ministry or youth. They will need to keep a record of their hours and submit them to the PCA supervisor. Students can apply for CPE equivalent credit once they have completed 400 hours of patient care and supervision.
  • Our curriculum includes bio-medical ethics, medical terminology, active listening, small group training, crisis ministry, grief and family systems training.
  • The cost is $400 for 400 hours of ministry, supervision, and training. Students can contract for blocks of 100 hours at $100 per block.
  • We hope to offer scholarships in the future.