About Us


Pastoral Care Associates, an Arizona Non-Profit Corporation, (PCA) is an organization that gives spiritual care and support to those who are suffering in Health Care Settings. We are available for the patient, the patient’s family and the hospital staff.


We are a pastoral trained association for Christian ministers and volunteers, serving the public in hospitals, nursing homes and other venues of health care.

Our goals are to provide quality Pastoral Care in these settings, by being an integral part of the Health Care System. We will work within the framework of JACHO and are partners in the total (holistic) care of the patient, patient family, and staff.

This ministry is done by pooling our resources through contracting, as a group, with individual Health Care providers, receiving grants from foundations through donations and fundraising efforts, all for the purpose of supporting this effort in an affordable manner.


Pastoral Care Associates as an Arizona Non-Profit Corporation (PCA) is deeply committed to the whole community and to extend to a hurting world the love of a loving God.