Good Shepherd Anglican Church

Good Shepherd Anglican Church meets next door to Pastoral Care Associates at:

Our Pastor is Rev. Michael Lessard

Our Mission statement is,

“To care for one another as Jesus Christ cares for us.”

Communion is celebrated every Sunday.  The worship is a blend of traditional prayers and contemporary music.  We use the 1979 Episcopal liturgy with some minor changes.  The tone of the service focuses on pastoral care.  We have anointing of the sick every Sunday.

We have partnered with St. Michael’s Old Catholic Church.  We celebrate Eucharist together each Sunday.  Fr. William Price is the Pastor for this community.

Our two congregations are a witness to unity in Christ.  Our model of Church is found in the Scriptures.  We train our disciples to be listeners and encourage everyone to be trained as pastoral care givers.  We believe that a community that cares as Christ does will be a sign of Gods kingdom.

We acknowledge that to enter into an experience of this kind of Church requires training. Thus, we offer classes through the Anglican School for this purpose.

We encourage anyone to participate in our community and to share our vision.

Good Shepherd is affiliated with the

Upcoming Events

LAB I – [LD1]

Starting Saturday, April 7th 2018
9 AM to 5 PM
Cost $275 per person [includes book]



Maundy Thursday - March 29th - 6:30PM
Good Friday - March 30th - 6:30PM
Easter Sunday - April 1st - 11:00AM


Theology Class led by Eula Wright

FRIDAYS - Feb. 2nd to March 9th
6:30 PM to 7:30 PM – Cost $25 per person

Pastoral Care Associates
2040 W. Bethany Home Rd. #103
Phoenix, AZ 85015 [map]